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    If i as a volunteer can go home and sleep in my bed at night then why cant the paid guys sleep in their bunks? Ive had those days where a tone drops at 0030 get back to the station at 0700 run home shower and go to work then on the way home have a tone drop at 1800 get home at 2300 in bed at 0000 and the another tone at 0030 get home after 1000 and off to work late. I know how i felt during all that and i know the paid guys do that ALL the time. Let em sleep. This isnt a job that you can do tired, thats when people get hurt or killed because they dont think straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RFDGloWorm View Post
    Shift starts at 0800, house duties and breakfast/ BS'ing until lunch, some guys PT.

    1300-1600 is supposed to be "training time". One Batt Chief has restricted 1200-1330 as personal time (allowing for naps).

    1600 and on is your time...

    Weekends and holidays are chill...

    If anyone has that documentation on napping and reducing your chances of heart disease, I'd love to get a copy of it!

    The big Indianapolis health study that came out a few months ago had some good information on the effects of sleep and the lack of it for firefighters. I don't know if you'll find any comparative studies about 24s vs. 10s/14s because I believe we are pretty unique in how we switch from days to nights back and forth with such frequency.

    I believe the health effects are a poop sandwich. Either way we are going to be negatively effected. Whether we get these nights of light and frequently interrupted sleep or stay up all night as sleep during the day. I think its just one of the unavoidable parts of the job.

    Id look at it from a cost and morale standpoint. When we go into the bunk room, everything is off by the radios and other items required for receiving alarms. Thats a cost saving in light bulbs and power. Also what can we accomplish? If we are up at night we can't really do much training because of disturbing the community. We can only do extremely limited admin work because all the other admin offices for the dept/city run 9-5. It'll hurt morale because the guys will see it as losing something that made them a little more comfortable for no real gain in productivity. Is it worth it to get the rank and file agitated?

    side note for GASTOVERAT

    It really only takes 3-5 spaced runs to keep you up from 11-7. That's assuming they are relatively simple runs, any extended on scene time and you're up all night. That wouldn't be a big deal, but work back to back nights like many depts. do and the second night is really rough. Being able to rest when you can is important. Sure they should be sleeping between shifts during the day, but a little thing called life can get in the way.
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    One of the major mis-understandings with this sleep issue is the publics mis-understanding of what we actually do.

    Being a career firefighter isn't a job. We're not paid a salary for what we do. We're paid a salary for accepting, and living a completely different lifestyle. The public, for the most part don't understand any more about the fire service than what they read on the job announcements when the test is being given. They don't understand the real dangers of the job, what it's like to loose friends doing exactly what you do, what it's like dealing with other peoples suffering and tragidy day in and day out, and the stresses that come with that. Including the stress we all feel shielding our loved ones from the reality of it all.

    There aren't too many professions where it sometimes becomes necessary to call your wife in the middle of the night to assure her that you're all right despite the endless "breaking news" stories she's seen all night while you're at work.

    And yeah. Given the chance I sleep in the firehouse.

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