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    Default career volunteer combination

    we are a 100% career organization that is about to absorb a smaller vollie outfit the Chief of our organization would like to extrend to those volunteer members who wish to continue on in the fire service an oportunity to stay and volunteer with us. Anyone out there do anything similar Chief wants to put things in writing and does not ant to overelook anything or anyone. contact me at fdfritz@ci.high-point.nc.us or 336-883-3617 thanks in advance

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    Contact Chesterfield County, Virginia Fire at the link below. They have a combination department and is close to you. They will give you a lot of good information on this.


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    My town is career with 9 guys in each of 4 shifts. We cover 2 engines, a rescue, an ambulance, and a tower. When a second ambulance call comes in, the second paramedic on shift (covering the tower) jumps to the ambulance where he is supplemented by EMS volunteers or a call firefighter. The call department is a division in our department that covers 2 engines in the north station as well as 2nd & 3rd med calls & station callback. We will take full-time folks (overtime) as well as call division guys on callback to the station (when most apparatus is out on various calls & the station is empty of personnel). There is tension in some places between call & career folks, but I suppose that's everywhere the two mix. Hope this helps. Here's the link: http://fire.ci.merrimack.nh.us/main.htm
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    Prince Georges County, Maryland. One of the First, and Largest Combination Departments in the World. I worked as a Career Firefighter/Officer for the PGFD for 20 years, as well as being an active member of a Volunteer Company. I'm now retired, and still Volunteering at the station that I worked at. I have to admit that we have a few problems, but they're not insurmountable, and we get the job done. Having worked 4 years in a fully paid system, I can say I like the Combination system better. Look us up at www.gdvfd18.comand at www.pgfireems.com
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    Our department has been combination for about 30 years. When I started as a volunteer in 1983, the volunteers were counted on for manpower.

    We had 2 paid on one engine and 1 on the other, so the volunteers filled out thoes units along with staffing the aerial, squad and brush truck.

    Now, with full paid staffing (4 engine, 4 aerial, 3 squad) the volunteers dont have much to do. They do provide support at large incidents and they serve as a pool from which to draw new paid firefighters.

    Its nice to be able to hire someone who already knows your operation and equipment.


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