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    I'm currently going through the hirng process continuing from last year's freeze already having done the written and physical assesment. My question is what's the next step in the process and about how long does anybody think it takes in total? Is it true that the hiring is focused for the EMS side than the FF side? Also, how much help is it if at all being bilingual(fluent spanish)is for KCK. I know there's a big growth among the latino population in recent years.

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    Well, it is true that more focus is sometimes put on EMS these days because of SO much involvement in the medical side of things with the fire service. However, that's not to say someone can be weak in fire training or ability. The oral boards will make or break you, which is why you have to prepare yourself for this form of interviewing. There are people who have great advice in preparing for orals, CaptBob here being one of them. This can take several months, as departments don't hire everyday. Good luck with the process!
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