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    Default RIT Kit/RIT Bag

    Is it worth it to just buy a RIT bag and stock it with a bottle and such or should we buy the whole kit already assembled?

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    I thinks it depends on what your "RIT" sop's are in your dept. There are alot of tools that dept use when it comes to RIT. Buying a already built kit, may work if it has everything you may need. But building your own, will make sure you have everything. If price is no option build your own, and then your dept can set up its own bags. But that is just my thoughts. Stay safe

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    Default AIR AIR AIR AIR

    Carrying 20 different tools in a gym bag will not save a firefighters life if he runs out of air.

    Our department carries the RITBAG for a few different reasons one its simple, you get air to the trapped FF quick! We carry 75 of rope (that attaches to the RITBAG) also a thermal camera (also attached to the RITBAG) and a set of irons 1 FF can carry all that very easy and the other members hump the RIT line. Keep it simple. Take a look at it at .RIT BAGThat's why so many departments are using it. Simple
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