Firefighter Arrested for Trying to Poison Girlfriend
Mar. 9, 2004
BOUNTIFUL, Utah (AP) -- A firefighter was arrested on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder after allegedly trying to poison his girlfriend, who is pregnant with twins.

The man was taken into custody Saturday after admitting to police that he had crushed a blood thinner prescription he took from a neighbor and put it inside the sandwich, Bountiful Police Lt. Randy Pickett said.

"The bottom line was she was pregnant and he was not prepared to be tied down to a family," Pickett said.

Prosecutors are reviewing the medical reports to see if there is enough evidence to formally charge the 23-year-old Bountiful man with the felonies, Davis County deputy Attorney Steve Major said. Charges could be filed before the end of the week.

The man posted $50,000 bail Monday and was released. He does not have a previous criminal record.

The 32-year-old woman said her boyfriend had fixed her a sandwich March 3, but she said it didn't taste right.

Major said the woman ate only half the sandwich and threw the other half away. It was after the suspect left her home that she became suspicious and inspected the uneaten sandwich.

Inside it, "she found white, powdery stuff and chunks of pills," Major said.

The woman didn't have enough to cause serious problems, Pickett said.

Major said this case is unique because the woman is 11-weeks pregnant with twins.

Bountiful Fire Chief George Sumner said the 23-year-old man had worked as a part-time firefighter from January 2002 until Monday, when his employment was terminated following the arrest. The man also worked full time as an EMT at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful.