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    Default Apparatus delivery time

    Anyone having problems with promised delivery? We ordered an ALF that was due in February, now they are talking June or July....

    Anyone else have problems?

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    You have to remember that the timeframe for delivery the manufacturer gives you is a best guess estimate. A fire truck, whether it is built on a commercial or custom chassis still relies on components manufactured by many different companies... for example, chassis can be from Freightliner, Navistar, Sterling, HME, Spartan, American Lafrance, E-One etc., engines can be made by Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel or Cummins, transmissions by Allison or Eaton, axles by Dana or Spicer, pumps by Darley, Hale or Waterous, etc. etc.

    All of these components must arrive within the timeframe alloted for the assembly of the vehicle. Any delay will push back the final assembly, quality control/assurance checks and final delivery dates.

    We ordered a new Rescue (Saulsbury) and an Engine (E-One) from Greenwood Fire Apparatus in November of 2002. The Engine (built on a Typhoon chassis) arrived in June 2003. the Rescue (built on a Freightliner FL-80 chassis) was due in October of 2003, it will be delivered to us sometime next week. The delay was due to a backlog of orders and waiting for components for assembly.
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    We ordered our HME truck at the end of september 02 it was scheduled to be here around the end of june of 03, but didnt get here until around the middle of september.
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    Our department is currently awaiting delivery of an ALF pumper. Construction has taken over a year since we signed the contract. They are behind, but the wait is well worth it. You will be receiving a quality piece of apparatus. Remember that they moved into a new plant and have had some adjustments to make. Good Luck.

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    Obviously, it is a loose guarantee, but we should see our new rescue pumper by next December

    240-270 days quoted delivery

    make a good christmas present, eh?

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    Exclamation Delivery

    Make sure when you put your bids out that it had a specific time frame in the document. A time frame of 200 to 240 isn't too bad. Be sure is states that and the vendor understands it. If you want to be more creative, have a late clause in the contract. Any delays after say, 240 days, shall be punishable by paying back XXX numbers of dollars. You can hold them to this.

    Apparatus makers, depending on who you deal with can and will take their time, unless you state what you want.

    We ordered 31 pieces from Pierce in 1997-98 with delivery of ALL within one year. Yes they accepted it and the came through and did in fact deliver all withing the stated time frame.

    I guess the bottom line is, It all depends you you are buying your apparatus from.

    Stay Safe & Well out there.....

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    Default one phrase...PENALTY CLAUSE!!!!!

    All of our apparatus contracts over the last few years have had a substantial penalty clause for going over the agreed to delivery time. We kinda got screwed a while back when Allison got backed up on transmission orders.

    Just my opinion, but if a manufacturer signs a contract saying they can deliver a truck in XXX number of days, it's not my (my FD) problem if they can't meet the deadline. I also believe that order backlogs, late deliveries of parts and equipment, etc. are not valid excuses for delays, delivery schedules are planned well in advance. If you can't meet the deadline, don't sign the contract. I also feel it is the responsibility of the purchaser to allow for a reasonable amount of time for construction. As an example, our last Engine was only bid on by 2 manufacturers, Company F and Company S. Our Spec Called for 180 calendar day construction time on a demo chassis-i.e. no wait for a chassis to be built-with, if I remember correctly, a $200 per day penalty clause. Company F met our spec with few exceptions (most of which were upgrades to our spec). Company S gave a 444 day build time and took several other exceptions, wanted roughly 90% of the cost up front, AND were the high bidder. I'm going to refrain from going into detail, but as if what I already said wasn't enough, further actions after the bid sealed Company S's fate and we went with Company F and couldn't be happier.
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    We ordered four F-450 rescue/ambulances from AL last year. They are now in the 9th month of building. They stopped production midway and moved production to Florida. Our guys are going to do the final next week on 3 of them.

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