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    Default Medical for FDNY

    I was just wondering if anyone has taken their medical for the FDNY. I have my investigation on the 13th of this month and I am being told that the medical will be a couple of days later. I have heard from alot of people that the heart rate test is pretty hard to pass. I know I will do it but I was wondering if anyone had any pointers.
    Thanks Neal

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    Default Just relax

    I took the medical recently and passed. The stepper was the killer for most. You should do some jogging if you don`t already.
    Most of all get a good night sleep the night before avoid alcohol and espically COFFEE the day of. And make sure you breathe during the test.
    Good Luck

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    After the Investigation.... Usually come the PSYCh but they could give you the medical first... about 2 months after the investigation for me and then the medical was a moth after that..
    About the stairs jog get your heart rate down.... otherwise they will make u come back and hold you name for at least a mont.
    Buy a 50lb weight vest and join a gym that has a stair master not the one that uses your weight but the Actuall stairmaster like an escalater... Good Luck...

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