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    Question FDNY question...

    Maybe someone from the FDNY or that has knowledge of there hiring process could lend me a hand here. Im doing a project on testing and hiring processes, and kind-of using the FDNY as a big reference point. Just curious as to what the testing "schedule" is. Do they give the test every 4 years, or do they wait until they exhaust the list to a certain point. Thanks in advance...

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    Well it isn't very easy to explain...here is basicly how it SHOULD work.

    A Open competive test is given. A written and Physical exam are given and adminstered by the DCAS(Dept of Citywide Admin Services).

    The FD has zero input in this process. No illegal discrimination or hiring bias as many idiots exclaim. You take the test, you pass you are hired in the order of your merit and fitness., provided you are not nuts or a criminal.

    The written is given one day and the physical some months later.

    Those who pass both have their exams scored and combined according to the civil service law and are placed on a list after adding in all appropriate additional points.(city residency, military, legacy credit, etc.)

    They are then placed in numerical order using tie-breakers under civil service law.

    There is the background investigation, Medical, Written Psych and Oral Psych.

    If you pass all that, you are hired in the order they come to your list number. No interview, no Bull Sh@%.

    All lists are good for 1 year and must be renewed anually by the commisioner. I can't remember if there is a limit. They are typcailly given every 4 years.

    However, In the past lawsuits have held lists up so long that it took 7 years or more to get hired.

    In the past if you didn't score above a 95% combined score, you had very little chance of getting hired because lists were in the 10,000s
    and hiring was very steady.

    The last list was quite an exception... A number of factors came together to create an issue never faced:
    -the application period of late 98 was extended at least once and maybe twice because of too few applicants. They still didn't have many as the private sector was doing well and many wanted to make their fortunes in the market. The number of public sector applicants dips during times of prosperity.
    -In the late 70s there was a hiring freeze and a lawsuit prevented hiring for a number of years and now many guys hired in the boom of the early 80s were now eligible to retire.
    -9-11 excaserbated the above retirement rate.

    This last list was the 1st list (7029) anyone ever new of that all elligble applicants with a passing score were offered a job and the list which was 1st used in January of 2001 exhausted the list of names before 4 years had passed. Like I said in the past if you didn't get a 95 or above in years past..forget it.

    The next list will certainly not work like the last one. However basicly every 4 years a test is given. Also now EMS canidated are offered a backdoor into the job by taking a promotional which they just need to pass with a passing mark (something like 75%) and they get hired before open competitive applicants despite any lower scores. But that is another issue altogether.

    Hope that helps.


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