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    Question? Maybe some of you more experienced folks will have a different take on this.

    I talked to a guy that invested in a company that is trying to make a new fire hose that has air lines integrated right into the side of the hose. He is a non FF so it was painful to get info out of him but here is the best I got. It is a standard attack hose with 2 air lines running up either side that wither you would wear a SAR type mask with a 5 min bottle or a second hose that you plug into with the SCBA kinda like a buddy breather line but in instead of out. He also said that Lansing MI FD was working with the company on tests. Any of my brothers from Lansing care to put their $.02 in?

    Ok interesting idea but IMVHO here are the problems I see:

    1. It's 1 more dang line to get caught up

    2. Is it really going to extend the effective working time of a firefighter? Should you really go more than 45 min on air without a break? (OK I know it's not really 45 min it's close)

    3. What about Emergency Egress? It's 1 more thing to do before leaving.

    4. Different types of SCBA. What about adapters.

    5. Hate to sound like a chief but, Cost?

    What do Y'all think? Is it something you would want to use?
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    Being an engineer, I love new technology, but see several issues to be overcome with this idea.

    My biggest concern is being tied to the hose. What if you need to go back and free hose from a corner, doorway ect. I also see problems with compatability. Everybody that goes interior without the hose will still have the "old" style SCBA. Only the hose team will have the new. It just seems easier to keep on configuration.

    My other concern is maintaining the air supply. We all know that hoses get holes in them. I'd hate that hole to be in my air supply line.

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