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  • Yes, We conduct an intensive background prior to membership

    11 45.83%
  • Yes, but we conduct a limited background check prior to membership

    10 41.67%
  • Little - We poke around, but not that much

    1 4.17%
  • None - We just hope they are not a criminal

    2 8.33%
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    Question New VOL FD Application Form

    Looking for some help.

    I need a 'politically' correct new member application form, especially in the area of allowing the FD Review committe to conduct backgrounds, criminal history, and motor vehicle history checks.

    If someone has a generic phrase, that covers all the bases, and is willing to share it, please le me know !!!

    Thanks in advance

    S/E Connecticut


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    Kevin - This is actually the application packet for my Volunteer Rescue Squad (and EMS folks in VA have a little tighter requirements for members that FD's do).

    All documents are in PDF format, however if you would like to use them they are also available for download in MS Word Format (.doc) by simply changing the extension in the URL to .doc from .pdf

    Cover Letter - outlines the application procedure & what is expected of each member.


    Reference Letter Form - We adopted a standard format for letters of reference asking questions WE wanted answers to. It also provides places for comments from the person giving the reference.

    Check Sheet - This is used by our Membership (screening) committee to track the application process and make sure all related task are done (and log that they are done).

    Most all of this was taken from examples provided by Charlottesville - Albemarle Rescue Squad
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Kevin - I'm in VA as well. We run criminal history on all new members now regardless if EMS related or not. Our take on is everyone responding to a 10-50 regardless of EMT or not is taking part in EMS work and is thus should meet same requirements as EMS persons.

    Here's how we handle it.

    1 - Criminal History report comes directly to President's (happens to be me) home (not to department)

    2 - President reviews and destroys report if clear (or nothing that conflicts with state standards).

    3 - If something questionable comes up - President meets with BOD to decide if applicant is eligible. Report is then destroyed.

    99% of the time - President is the only person to see the report. Our application only states that applicant must sucessfully pass the criminal background check to be considered.

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