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    Default What are some good FDs to work for in CO?

    Hey guys. I am interested in moving to the Denver area. In your opinion, what are some good fire departments to work for in the Denver area? In particular, what do you guys think of North Metro Fire District?

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    It depends on what type of department you are looking for! If you beleive in the NFA way of fighting fire, departments are a dime a dozen. If you are looking for an aggressive department, well, that will depend on many factors. Each department out here has members that believe in aggresive firefighting other don't! It is a matter of which shift or company you get assigned too, or which district or battalion you work in.
    For the most part, all the departments are good, I know of four that work for North Metro, and they really never have a bad thing to say about the department.
    If you believe in the aggressive firefight, come on out and join the ranks of the few and help the cause!

    The following departments have good firefighters that I know of and believe in the aggressive firefight,
    West Metro
    North Metro
    South Metro
    Castle Rock
    Colorado Springs
    I have personaly worked with members of of these departments and consider them true brothers & sisters, for what ever that may be worth.

    Stay safe,

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