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    Have any of you ever been on a trench rescue.

    Last year just after christmas, I was on one. I was on the first due truck on scene. Snowing, Mud and ice was everywhere. the man was digging out a sewage drain that was about 10- 12 feet deep, when the wall caved in. he hit his head on the cement pipe and was killed instantly. the call came in at about 5:00 pm and we did not leave the scene untill about 9:00pm. we had to talk to the M.E. the we had to clean everything.

    my dad was on his dept for 24 years and never had a trench rescue, i was on for about 1 1/2 years when i went on one. they are not a common thing.

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    I've been involved with 3 in the last 7 years. The first we responded mutual aid and where returned en-route (a fatal). The second we worked to free a worker trapped by one leg nearly to his knee. The time from our arrival to the victims removal was around 1.5 hours. The ironic thing about that call was it came in about 20 minutes after we had returned to quarters from the end of day 2 of a 2 day trench rescue training drill. It went smoothly apparently because the info was still pretty fresh in our minds! The 3rd incident involved a slough-in of one of the nastiest, scariest trenches I'd ever seen. It was about 15'to 18' deep, muddy at the bottom with a 6' section of concrete sidewalk hanging above the slough-in and the victims. When we arrived the first thing we had to do was get members of our own department out of the unprotected trench. Our department does not currently train all company's on most Tech. rescue disciplines.(It was also the case at the previous scene). In this case, a co-worker refused to get out of the trench and leave his buddy. As the scene was prepared and before the first shore was even off the truck, we called for the air knife to come off the truck right behind the ground pad lumber. We used an on scene compressor and explained how the knife worked to the co-worker. We lowered the tool down to him and before we placed the first shore, the guy was free and the two scurried up the ladder like a couple off scared lucky rats. The only other two incidents you could classify as trenches actually where more of a structural collapse near an excavation. So any way, scarce but dangerous especially if your not trained to awareness at least. Stay safe JF

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    I was on one a couple years ago.. turned into a 14 hour ordeal for me and the others who were among the first to arrive.

    I had a ton of news information & video on my website, but unfortunately I just shut it down today... here's the blurb.

    And some stuff from a local TV station.

    Really can't really say too much about it, because of pending litigation.

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    Nope, just a Haz-Mat Incident and High Angle Rescue.

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