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    Default What is a good starting pay for KC, MO/KS?

    I just finished my EMT and passed National Certification. I was wondering what is a good start pay for the Kansas city, Mo/KS. I was looking into a job in Manhattan Kansas, it starts at $40,000 a year. My girlfriend thinks I should keep my options open. They work 13 days a month instead of 9 days like most departments I have heard about. What is a good start pay and which areas have good up to date equiptment? Thanks,

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    Default kc area pay scales

    i live and work in kc, and worked a couple department around here before getting the one i wanted. starting pay varies between 27k and 30k. but...top out pay varies between 35-40k and 60k riding backwards, more if you advance. so, if you worry about money, look at what you'll be making in five years, not at what you start at. and your girlfriend, as usual, is right. keep your options open. if you don't you'll learn a hard lesson.

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