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    Default Scott 2.2 PASS problem

    Was doing some training last night with our Scott 2.2 air pack 50 that we bought a year ago. When I turned on the air bottle the PASS didn't chirp like it usually does. I assumed the batteries were dead so I put new ones in. The light on the guage glowed a steady green but the PASS did not chirp or even work when you hit the panic button. The rest of the pack worked fine. I went ahead and used it for training. We were just doing some basic SCBA skills, no smoke or anything so I wasn't worried about it working. I took it out of service and will be sending it in Monday to get worked on. Has anyone else had this problem. We don't use our packs alot, but have had several minor things that have taken them out of service. Faulty regulators, defective face pieces and now this.

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    We are currently using the exact same packs and have not experienced any problems. The packs have been in service for a couple of years now, but haven't really been used much.

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    2.2's had integrated PASS devices? I didn't know that. Anywho, we haven't had any problems with our 4.5 packs they always chirp. Even the first few we put in service back in the mid 90's.

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    Only difference between a 2.2 and a 4.5 is the hi pressure regulator.We've got a lot with the intergrated pass,and we've experienced bo problems.Sounds to me like a problem in the pressure sense module.T.C.

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