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    Question Spartan "Big Easy" Chassis

    Looking for comments on the Spartan "Big Easy" chassis. Pros/Cons

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    Pro they look like a firetruck

    Con NOT here PAL

    He, He, He!!!!

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    Is's (not pro's or cons)
    Standard (I believe) with a 370hp Cummins & Allison 3060
    a "limited option" truck designed for the fire service

    1.good price for a custom chassis
    2.decent dash layout
    3.Can seat a big crew if desired
    4.If memory serves me right, the Big Easy we reviewed had
    metal door panels, minimal plastic, a good thing in my book. It looked like the interior would hold up

    1. To much front overhang. They make them standard with a 18" bumper extension, even if you don't have a front bumper hoseline. Even if the bumper is shortened, the cab still has a lot of overhang. Whether or not that bothers you depends on the roads, driveways, alleys, etc you have to operate on, but you stick out way beyond the front axle.
    2. The Big Easy seemed noisy inside compared to other trucks we tested. One of my people described it as a big tin can.
    3. For us the cab seemed "too big". I didn't notice where the extra cab size made it seem more comfortable than a smaller cab ie HME SFO.

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