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    Years ago when I was working on the paid on call part of the fire department I wanted to be a full-time firefighter. I went thru my firefighter I, firefighter II, and emergency medical technician classes furnished by the department. I did a little research into getting hired full-time on a fire department. These results are from my research in 1990, on average it will take 3-5 years to get hired. Now this figure was based in the state of michigan but I would suspect it is about the same in any state. The reason it takes 3-5 years is based on how actively you test for the full-time positions. If you take every test that you can register for the average was closer to 3 years to get hired. If you only tested for departments that interest you then the average stretched out closer to the 5 year mark. My advise to you is if you have the training register for any department that is hiring, take the tests which will give you more experience in the testing procedure and you will start scoring higher on the eligibility lists. And by some chance if you do get an offer for a job on a department that you don't really want to work for you can always turn down the job and continue to test. Hope this information helps you out, and if it is your dream do all that you can to make it happen. Good Luck Everyone...and take care out there.....Baz....

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    Hey Dude (cellblock waving) I think you want to put this here (cellblock points) --> http://cms.firehouse.com/forums2/sho...threadid=57881

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