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    Question Wildland Engine types...definitions?

    I am working on a grant to buy a combination structural/interface pumper and want to get my terminology right. What are the types of wildland engines & which one am I talking about?

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    Willand engines are rated from 3-7. Type 1 and 2 engines are structural engines.
    They are rates as followes:
    Type-Pump Rating:----Tank Capasity:--1.5" Hose:--1" Hose
    3----150gpm @ 250psi-----500+-----------500ft-----300ft
    4----50gpm @ 100psi------750+-----------300ft-----300ft
    5----50gpm @ 100psi------400-750--------300ft-----300ft
    6----30gpm @ 100psi------150-400--------300ft-----300ft
    7----10gpm @ 100psi------50-200-------------------200ft

    Most agencies run type 3,4 and 6 engines.
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