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    Lightbulb Chicago Fire Department

    When will the Chicago fire Department be taking applications. I think it should be anytime around the corner.

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    A guy I work with got some sort of application card from CFD for paramedics, and he called the FD Administration and ended up talking with a Batt Chief about the process.

    The Chief said CFD hasn't hired "Firefighters" with an open muni test since 1995. All suppression members are hired in as transfers from EMS mostly, or dispatch or some other city job.

    Basically he was told you get on as a medic with EMS, and after 10 years or so you might get transfered into suppression. I know St. Louis City FD is pretty much the same way. Everyone wants to fight fire in the city, but few are willing to move and spend 10 years on an ambulance to "maybe" get the chance.

    Just curious, is my info wrong or is it somewhat accurate?

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