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    Thumbs up Firefighters' leader still on the job after 67 years

    Article on the Chief of my department in the local newspaper. He makes us proud!

    Firefighters' leader still on the job after 67 years


    George W. Green, Sr., doesn't plan to stop fighting fires anytime soon.

    Chief Green, 82, oversees 37 firefighters in the Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department. He has been the chief since the 1960s and a member of the department since 1937.

    He likes the daily challenge and the camaraderie.

    "I don't think there's any clubs that have a working relationship as close as a fire department," he said.

    His dedication to the department has been passed down to his family. Two of his three children are members of the department: George Green, Jr., for 38 years and Bob Green, for 36. His granddaughter, Heather Green, has been a member of the department for three years.

    Two valves in Chief Green's heart were replaced in 1999; he said his job is a bit different now than it used to be.

    "My other officers won't allow me near a fire anymore," he said.

    But he's still involved.

    "He kicks me out of the driver's seat," Robert Green said.

    He spends a great deal of his time on paperwork, making sure everyone's training is up to date.

    "Our biggest problem is really keeping in line with new up-to-date equipment," Chief Green said.

    Some of the fires and disasters he's seen still stick in his memory. One of the worst was an early morning house fire in 1945 that started in a fireplace. A woman and two children escaped, but a baby had been left in a crib near the fireplace.

    The fire was extinguished. "After several hours of digging, we found the remains of the baby," Chief Green said. "To recover that is just heart-sickening."

    Chief Green was born on Sept. 11, 1921, and grew up in the house next door to his current home.

    One day, a neighbor, the fire chief at Point Place, invited him to ride along on a call.

    Chief Green was hooked.

    In 1937, he joined the newly-formed Washington Township department, and in 1939, became a captain.

    He took a few years off from the fire department during World War II, when he was in the Toledo Naval Reserve.

    He left the city in September, 1941, and spent a few months in bombing practice on the USS Utah.

    The morning of Dec. 7, he was aboard the ship in Pearl Harbor, which he said was a frightening experience.

    He swam to safety after the Utah was hit and, instead of a 30-day leave in California, was put on another ship.

    After four years, Chief Green was discharged as a gunner's mate first class, and went straight back to the fire department.

    He also worked at Valley Camp Marine, and then put in 37 years in Lucas County road maintenance, retiring in 1985.

    He has been on the township zoning board since 1949, and is also a part-time police officer.

    In the late 1960s, he was offered the police chief's job but turned it down to concentrate on the fire department.

    He was appointed fire chief in 1973, but had been elected several times before then.

    His wife, Joan, said her husband never would stop working.

    "You want to know when he's going to retire?" she asked. "When I bury him."

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    Nice article. Glad to see he stays up on everything and still has everyone's support.

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    Thumbs up YUP!

    My Congratulations and best wishes. Gives us kids something to shoot for. When I hit 82, (in another 20 years) I hope I'm doing that well. Stay Safe....
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    Thumbs up

    That was a pretty neat article.... That there is some awesome dedication!!!!

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    the oldest member on my deparment is 92. he has been on for 42 years this month. he makes all of the runs we have durring the day.

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    Thumbs up

    from the blade article....
    His wife, Joan, said her husband never would stop working.

    "You want to know when he's going to retire?" she asked. "When I bury him."

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