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Thread: Ldh

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    Question Ldh

    I am 1st Lieutenant with a volunteer fire co that runs with 5"in LDH hose. We are hosting a Department wide drill next month on this topic. I just wanted to know if anyone has any updated information about LDH or where I could go to get information on LDH. I'm not to sure if much has changed if anything on LDH. I would greatly appricate any information anyone could pass on to me. Thanks again and work safe!!

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    What type of information are you looking for?

    What do you already know about LDH?
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    What is LDH?

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    C'mon Backdraft ................Large Diameter Hose .....commonly reffered to as LDH ...........typically 3 " or larger supply line.
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    Also, what kind of drill are you planning?

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    Originally posted by Adze39
    What do you already know about LDH?
    I know you better make damn sure that it's laid out exactly how you want it 'cause once it charged it ain't moving without a crane!

    Seriously though jmp, are you looking for friction loss info or what?

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    the only problem we had is hooking up to other companies, just make sure that all companies you run with have the adaptors.
    We use to run 3in 3 1/2 supply, we converted all of our engines to 5" changed all of the adapters and put the 3 and 3 1/2 inch adapters away(big mistake)we got dispatch to assist another company before we could drill with them, and could not hook up to them with the 5", could of used 2 1/2 to supply them but our 2 1/2 is a primary and secondary attack line only. other companies had problems laying in to us. going from a 3 1/2 to 5"(you know how that story goes.We've had 5"in for quite a few years. when we first got the hose other companies were telling us it was a waste of money,but now 7 yrs later out of 6 companies in our district all but 1 run with 5"in.
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