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    Default Is anyone here a member of the Ventura County Fire Department?

    I am considering moving to California and am trying to explore all my options, however there public website is not working at the momment. If you are a member can you please tell me what the requirements are and how often a test is given?

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    Default Here we go...

    OK- I will try to give you some info-

    - The Ventura County FD just tested for entry
    level FF so you wont see them again for a few
    years. But LA City is hiring- www.ci.la.ca.us

    - The competetion here for fire is simply
    FIERCE! About 500 applicants for 1 job. Your
    key is becoming a Paramedic. Most departments
    here hire "Firefighter/Paramedics."

    - Sorry, you simply cant "cross over" to
    California. The CA State Fire Marshal's
    FF1 standards are progressive and extreamly
    high. Most people get that cert. from going
    to a college academy aka "fireman factories."
    No, IFSAC doesnt count. I know it sounds
    like a crappy deal, but thats it.

    You can get more job, hiring and Cali. local info.
    at www.firecareers.com

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    Be sure he gets a Phenix helmet on his head when he gets hired.

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