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    Default Random drug testing...illegal

    I was just wondering what people's viewpoints are on this ruling. Here's a link to an article about it:


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    Default Drug Testing

    Well, having been doing this job for a very long time, I have seen members that reported to work that had been using drugs the day and night before. Some still try this stupid act.

    I am all for random drug testing. If you are not using this junk, then you have nothing to worry about. It is always the ones that use drugs that will yell the loudest about random testing.

    In my city if you are caught and tested and it is postive, you are fired. You sign an agreement with was upheld by the courts and it is enforced very strongly.

    When you go for your annual physical and if you are postive on the drug test, you are history.

    The fire service does not need its members using drugs off duty. It stays in your system for some time, depending on what you are using. Judgement and ability is impaired.

    I wouldn't want the fire department coming to my hose on fire or EMS call if they were messed up on drugs. What kind of service would I get if they did?

    If you want to use drugs, then you need to looking for another type of job. We don't need you in the fire service.

    Stay Safe & Well out there.....

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    I love the brotherhood, but y'all out there in Arizona now need to worry about partners showing up to work having done illegal things the day or night before. While I KNOW firefighters wouldn't even DREAM of doing something to endanger another's life, I have to think the one bad apple in a group might see this as an opportunity to experiment & test his abilities to fool the system. One firefighter-related disaster where drugs were the cause will have that panel reconsidering their ruling. Best of luck to ya
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