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    Question Driver status

    What are some instances that would pull a driver from active status, other than the obvious DUI, moving violations, and so forth. Does age play a role? How about health issues? What about member complaints about the driver?

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    Our department requires a physical exam by a doctor every 3 years if you are under 30, every 2 years if you are under 40, and yearly thereafter. This includes EKG, blood work, breathing test,urine test (I honestly don't know if it includes a drug test, I hope it does, but I suspect it does not, eyesight test, hearing test and chest x-ray. Each person then gets classified as interior FF, exterior "A" FF (which means you can do anything that does not require an SCBA, including driving), exterior B (same, except no driving) or administrative FF, which means you cannot even be on the fireground.

    This is usually the reason that someone is no longer allowed to drive.
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    I think it truly depends on the circumstances. Health plays a factor, Driving Record plays a factor, Compliants from co-workers, complaints from the public, complaints from LE that they didn't write up officially. Around me I've heard of a few who got pulled just for doing something stupid in front of the chief or a SR Officer ie... forgetting to unplug the truck and taking half the cieling down.
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