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    Thumbs up Career Interview

    I will be having my oral interview for a career firefighter position. any suggestion on what to say and what not to say or do? The DO's & Don't?

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    I just had my oral interview yesterday. They asked me 2 questions.
    Why do you want to be a firefighter?
    Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

    Just be yourself. I was offered employment that day. I still have the PT and psyc. test but I am as good as gold.

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    Thumbs up Oral Board

    Here are a few questions they may ask you, just have a conversation with them don't tell them what they want to here just be honest AND EXITED TO BE THERE, & most of all smile. Write YOUR answers to all of these questions on paper and go over them in front of a friend or family member and see what they think. If it sounds bad to them it will sound bad to the department you are testing with.
    Please visit FireMenJobs for more help on oral boards.

    Tell us about yourself.

    What can you tell us about ___________ Fire Department?

    If you were asked to choose a hero, who would it be and why?

    Why do you want to be a firefighter?

    What makes you the best candidate for this position?

    What does equal opportunity mean to you?

    Describe teamwork.

    What do you think you will dislike about this career?

    What will you bring to this department?

    What does diversity mean to you?

    What three words describe your personality?

    You are at a off duty party and see your officer taking pills. What do you say? or do?

    How would you describe sexual harassment?

    What does affirmative action mean to you?

    What do you think the mission statement should be for our department?

    What have you done to prepare for this position?

    You are part of a crew on the engine company that responded to a fire. Once on the scene you saw that the building looked abandoned and the roof looked
    like it was ready to fall in. Your lieutenant orders you to pull a line to the front door and
    get ready to go in. What do you do?

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    Default Are you ready to get serious?

    Tinme to get your game plan together. There
    is a website dedicated to this process and
    beyond. Take me serious when I say go to

    Click on the "101 Inside Secrets to Getting A

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