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    Default Wildland season is coming! Opinions!

    Based on our recent high winds and lack of snow, wildland season seems to be here! Few fires in the county already.

    I'm looking for a pack that's better than the issued FSS pack that has those stupid clips that kill me hips. I've heard good things about the Ranger packs but was wondering if anyone has some real life experience with a large, comfortable pack.

    Along those same lines, what do you keep in your wildland pack? Do you have enough food for 24 hours? Fuzzees? How much water? What else?

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    The coming season should be busy in R6.
    About fire packs, I have pretty much tried them all, Ranger was a good pack in the early 90's so was Eagle gears pack. Infact Eagle Gear use to have the best fire pack hands down but as packs and what we do has changed from the road side fires to the B&B complex size fires.

    For about two years now i have been using a pack made by True North Gear out of Seattle, Washington www.truenorthgear.com is there web page.

    Some of the nice things i like about my pack is that i can drop the main part of the pack and still have my fire shelter, fueses and water on my back, and if i know i will have to hike in to the fire i can zip the main part of the pack back on and am good to go.

    Items to keep in mind for pack.

    Toliet paper
    2 meals of food
    AA batt.
    snack stuff
    space blanket
    head light
    extra boot lace
    night glasses (clear or amber)
    first aid stuff
    water tablets

    For water its hard to say, i carry 4 smoke jumper style canteens and a 90 oz camelbak. But if i know i will be out for awhile or running a saw i will get an extra water or gatorade.

    See you on the line,

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    I have used a lot of different fire packs, but it ultimately comes down to what works best for you. Right now I have the detachable Eagle Gear. I can take the main pack off and just carry my fire shelter and water if I want to.
    In addition to what smketer has I carry:
    extra pair of socks
    pen and paper
    playing cards (you never know when you are going to be sitting around for hours waiting)
    flat file w/handle (sharpen tools)
    tin cup (fits over Nalgene bottle)
    two Nalgene bottles of water
    Camelbak, (90oz)
    spare gloves
    baby powder or Gold Bond Powder

    One thing you really have to think about is weight. If you are going to be hiking a lot look very carefully at what you want to carry. Spare socks are very important. Everything depends on your feet. If you wear glasses you should carry a spare set, and/or spare set of contacts.

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