My FD is looking into purchasing a trailer to house equipment for rehabing FF's at fires as well as carrying extra EMS gear (backboards, dressings, etc..) for MCI events. I am wondering if anyone out there has a similar setup. Pros/Cons of trailer, and your experiences. The trailer will be towed by a few vehicles we have in the dept, or a personal vehicle with a trailer hitch. We are also going to have a mutual aid agreement with surrounding towns for it, since there is currently no rehab supplys like this in the area. We will also probably put a base radio or 2 in it to use as a makeshift command center if needed, with both 110AC and 12VDC running off a shore line from a generator that will be carried with it, or to "house current." I have looked at previous threads about trailers and have gotten some info off them, but looking for more specific rehab trailer info.