Just finished reading the photo story about the house fire in NJ..sounds like the chief of Lenola FC should be commended for progressive thinking which undoubtedly saved FF's lives.

Story reads that the FC was toned out for the house fire w/ entrapment,PD makes a quick interior search, confirms no occupants and no fire/smoke visible...

Chief arrives 3 min. after dispatch, orders working fire for roof fully involved with NO visible fire on the #2 floor...calls for an EXTERIOR attack...good command decision 'cause as you read on the article says the truss roof collapsed 8 minutes into dispatch (so much for the old 20 min. rule, huh?).

The chief arrived 3 min. after dispatch, the roof fell in 5 min. later...WHEW...could've been a bad situation had he not been thinking...kudos to the chief for progressive thinking...remember,

Just thought it would be nice to hear some good news..this has been a bad week or so for the fire service with LODD's (my thoughts go out to all the departed brothers families) so it's really good to see some progressive thinking (which sometimes go against the thoughts of everyone else) averted a potential catastrophe.

Ok, just my 2 cents worth of thought...STAY SAFE