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    Default Portable Flow Meter Info Needed

    I'm looking for a portable flow meter to use for pump operations classes. I knoow that there are several brands out there and I have no expierence with any of them. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good model for handline through master streams flows?

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    Contact fcwindisch@aol.com His name is Fred. He is the chief of Ponderosa Fire Department and has an awesome flowmeter set. If you are looking for one to put between the hose and nozzle contact Rod Carringer at TFT.

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    You could go the cheap route and use a pitot gauge and do the math... Good pitots aren't cheap, but I can't imagine how much an accurate flowmeter would be. Then again, if you're flowing through a fog nozzle, that might be a pretty hard reading to get accurately.

    That having been said, the city of Rockford, IL has a portable flow meter to do hydrant testing. It has an interface for a laptop, so flow testing hydrants for sprinkler system designs are a snap. No more leaning over a steamer and trying to get an accurate pitot reading without getting soaked. Not sure if it can be adapted to a smaller outlet...

    I can put you in touch with someone there if you need the info, but I don't want to put his contact info on the net. Drop me a direct e-mail if interested.


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