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    Question Fire Engine Salesmen (NO FLAMING!)

    Should fire apparatus salesmen has some sort of official or certified status to prove they know what they are talking about?

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    You talking new or used? My parents both worked for GM, and all the newcar sales people were required to have formal sales training and went to training seminars several times a year.

    On the other hand, they would hire pretty much anybody to sell used cars. Not sure, but I always assumed it was the same way with fire apparatus.

    I know the ones we deal with (new) have to meet certain qualifications and be approved by the the company. They (the company)are also very particular on who they award dealerships to.

    I dont think you would sell many new apparatus if you didnt know anything and everything about your product. How would you be able to review spec's or answer any questions if you didnt.

    Next time I see our dealer rep I will ask him.


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    There should be some type of class all Fire App. equipment salesmen (or women) should take. Just because your a FF, doesnt mean that you know what you are talking about. But hey, thats my opinion.

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