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    Default Michigan Fire Frequencies

    does anyone know the frequency for Ann Arbor Chelsea and Saline, Michigan? or know anywhere i can find them? I have my ham radio license and i wanna lessen to them but cant find em on the air

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    yz, go to radioreference.com to find the information you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFD2500 View Post
    I am a firefighter in van burren and a dispatcher in kalamazoo. the 800mhz system works great for police and ems. but not to well for fire. the minute you get into a structure you can lose signal. portible coverage is not very good. command might be just outside, but just like a nextel, if you don't have signal, you can't talk to the guy sitting right next to ya.
    This is why most trunked systems have simplex channels set up for fireground use. Since the range is limited, just a few simplex frequencies will work for an entire county. It's a known problem, and has been for quite some time. If your communications planners don't account for it and acquire more frequencies, they're falling short.

    Departments on the edges of an autonomous system (ie, one that is different than their neighbors) do have to rely on patches and "gateways", but I've never run into any delay problems such as have been mentioned.
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