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    Hello I need some major help. Let me start off by saying I love being in and around fire department stuff I always have, I enjoy the EMT part more. I have been around it forever my mom is an EMT my stepdad was a Captian at a local station and is a cop. I belive it comes in the blood. I cant join our local fire department just yet I have to be 16 which I am 16 days shy of but I want to so bad, a few problems have arroused.
    1. My brother is a firefighter there and he doesn't approve of his lil sister getting involved in anything up there. Should I tell him O well and go ahead and do what i have dreamed of doing and live in misery at home or not.

    2. I really don't grasp the actually concepts of what to do on fire calls just yet "YES I KNOW HOOK UP THE HOSE TURN THE NOSSELS PUT OUT THE FIRE" but I don't know which hose goes to what what each nossel and lever is which part of the fire to start spraying first etc. As my brother not wanting me to join wont teach me and I am afraid of looking stupid.

    I really enjoy the fire dept. and paramedic fields I hope one day in the future I will be a lifeflight medic.


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    Welcome to the'll probably be more likely to get a response to your questions if you post them on the firefighters discussion forum, instead of here.

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