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Thread: old sprinkler

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    Question old sprinkler

    The other day while cleaning out our station for demo , we cam acrossed a old sprinkler. This item was a red round objest with holes on one end. It had a little tab that I assume would melt off then a spring loaded pin would release and break the glass ball inside. This unit we found it totaly intact and still full of water. Can anyone tell me the approxamit value of this item. As one of the members took it to sell on ebay and then give the dept back the money.
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    Someone else will chime in here I'll bet, but there's a good chance that the water isn't water, but Carbon-tet - some seriously bad stuff. Of course, I could be wrong. Certain family members tell me so all of the time.

    Look on ebay for fire grenades, even though what you probably have isn't one, I've seen something close to what you're describing listed as such.

    Just some suggestions...


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    The chemical inside the "glass grenade" is carbon tetrachloride.. and it is nasty stuff. While it will put out a fire ( the original intent of the item...under high heat conditions, carbon tet gives off phosgene gas...another form of real nasty poisonous stuff.
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    You definitely have a "carbon tet" extinguishing device. Don't mess with it. They can still be found in some petroleum terminals so I don't think they are worth much. I had one but with 2 rambunctious boys I didn't want the thing in my house so I gave it to the local volunteer department to put in a locked display case.

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    071 that is the best thing for displying said extinguisher, under lock and key. Years ago mechanics used carbon tet to clean carberateurs and other engine parts, unbeknown to them the hazards of the stuff. I'll bet if you dug them up today they are very well preserved. This stuff as has been mentioned is very nasty and is a known carcinogen, if you don't have the means to store it under lock and key take it to a certified hazardous disposal facility.

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