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    Default Presidential Pole ..

    There is a pole in the Off Duty Discussion
    "Who do you support for President?"
    fire fighters cast your vote..

    SB (local 1355 retired)
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    Like the man said.

    Please everyone go cast a vote and get involved in the discussion. I would love to see how it pans out if All firefighters vote not just the Liberal IAFF (and yes I know not all IAFF members are liberal)
    Never Forget 9-11-01!!!!!!
    There wasn't just 343, the other 73 rescue workers deserve to be remembered too!!!!

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    "Presidential Pole"? Wow, I thought this was a discussion of the Clinton policy for female interns for a second there.

    "Let's roll." - Todd Beamer, one of a group of American soldiers who handed the terrorists their first defeat.

    Joe Black

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