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    Default Chromic Acid Spill Photo Story

    Did anyone see the Chromic Acid Photostory featured on this website?

    Just a quick query, when you check the ERG book for Chromic Acid Solution spills, it says that the FF turn out gear provides limited protection in a spill situation.

    Would you be happy with crews in FF turn out gear operating part of the decon process? (I know it's not in direct contact with the spill, but...)

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    for a chromic acid spill situation...the proper level of protection for opperating in the hot zone would be full level a...that said, by following the rule of thumb for warm zone work, any persons opperating in this area should be in level b...and then outside of that should be turnouts and so forth...so to answer your question...technically, when performing decon they should be in level b but wearing turnouts prolly wouldn't pose to much of a problem if any since they wont be in direct contact with the material as you have mentioned...at most, there might be a slight splash hazard...anyone else (hazmat techies) out there wanna chime in...

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    As a HazMat Tech and instructor, I would stick with the same level or one level below the entry team in this case, level B.

    Better to be safe than sorry!

    Chromic Acid is a strong corrosive and an oxidizer as well as a known carcinogen, I would want a good Tychem suit with an SCBA for decon.

    The ERG always states, "Turnout gear will provide limited protection." A better description of what protection they think turnout gear provides is listed on page 364.

    Some of the reasons definitely not all the reasons turnouts are considered Level D are gortex is permeable by many chemicals, the outer shell and inner lining absorb the product, there are many openings through which vapors, liquid, powders can enter.

    Hope this helps.
    Stay safe!
    Career/Volunteer, We are all professionals!

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    Default think about appropriate PPE vs material hazard

    You shouldn't go anywhere near chromic acid with turnout gear. That acid is both a strong acid and an oxidizer, so it will ruin the gear.

    There is absolutely no reason to wear Level A into that spill. The acid has no vapor pressure. I would go with Level C at best (with appropriate air monitoring). The material is more of a splash hazard than anything else. Chromic acid is commonly used in undergraduate chem labs, out on the benchtop, not in the hood.

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