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    Default NFPA Compliance Questions on PPE

    Is there a standard that wildland boots have to comply to?

    Is there a standard that flashlights have to apply to? We currently use crap from walmart that needs to be replaced after only a few fires. We think Big Eds would be much better lights and not conk out in the middle of a housefire. It is a safety issue for us. Has anybody else applied for fire service dedicated flashlights?

    What NFPA guidllines apply to PASS devices? We have the integrated PASS on our SCBAs, but we dont have PASS devices four non SCBA FFs. Are PASS devices a good grant item? Do they purchase these devices in this way or do you have to have an integrated PASS on and SCBA?

    Has anybody heard about the new wildland fire shelters? Are they a viable grant item this year? We have the old fire shelters for about 50% of the department. State and Fed guidlines say that we must have the new shelters in 2005 or go home from any large fires. Are these a viable Fire Act item?

    How about computers? We need a computer to keep doing our fire reports online, but our current computer is dead.

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    Wow, anything else?

    Yes, there is a standard for wildland equipment. It is NFPA 1977 - Standard on Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Fire Fighting.

    NFPA 1851 covers PPE but I am not sure they identify flashlights as being covered by the standard?

    NFPA 1982 covers PASS. I have not seen a copy of 1982 for quite some time you may need to confer with someone who knows about 1982 to get a better idea of what the standard is. Yes, they are a good grant item.

    I would also assume the 1977 standard covers the fire shelter. Again, I see them as eligible under the Fire Ops and Safety, along with the computer.

    If I could offer one more thing? Your post seems a little disjointed. I understand that this is not the narrative, but having read hundreds of narratives last year, I saw way too many that tossed things out left and right while asking for funding with no clear focus. Draft an outline and draw up a logical order on what you need, why you can’t afford it, what you have done to try to raise money yourself to afford it, why you must have it and what will happen if you don’t get it.

    You seem to be right on target with what you want, now lay out the who, what, where…

    Good luck

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