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Thread: carbon hoods

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    Default carbon hoods

    Anybody use these hoods. We went to a burn trailer training with a neighboring department and they had these new hoods that were called carbon hoods. The temps inside were about 4-500 degrees. The guys with the carbon hoods were getting burned on their ears. Our nomex hoods worked fine and didn't give us any problems.

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    I've never had that problem with my carbon hood. I like mine because it is flexible (quick to get on), soft (doesn't itch), and never absorbs odors.


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    Whatever type of hood you're wearing just remember it's not a proximity suit, so if you push it to see how much it can take you'll find that point when you get burned.Many hoods give protection against being caught in a flashover but not much against radient heat.Twice I've gotten blistered ears while being all NFPA encapsulated(hood,collar up,ear flaps down all that stuff).Those were at fires, not drills.Use your gear correctly,and use some common sence.

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    Members of my company have been using the carbon hoods for a few years now. I have not heard any complaints. Actually, I have been asked if we are going to order more.

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