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    Default Phenix fire helmets availible for loan to you.

    About a month ago, a few people in here read some of our
    postings about the Phenix fire helmet line and stated they
    might want to purchase in the future.

    I have two 1500 helmets (yellow and red) that I can loan
    to someone for evaluation. Since they both are fairly new
    I would ask a deposit to hold and return upon the helmet
    being sent back. (Paypal is perfect for this) I am NOT
    looking to make any money, just help out my/our friends
    here in the the Firehouse forums. See their complete
    product line at www.phenixfirehelmets.com

    Please email me at brettbouk@yahoo.com or PM me if
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    I would be willing to buy one just to say I got one from the left coast. Email me at gmishoe@sc.rr.com and let me know if we can work something out.
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the offer brother, but yesterday I put my brand new Cairns Leather in service! I am so Proud!
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    Thanks anyway, but leather forever! Preferably a Cairns New Yorker with Bourkes.
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