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Thread: Mayday

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    Default Hey Bou

    From the NIOSH Report 2001 13. Phoenix Southwest Supermarket Fire

    Recommendation #5: Fire Departments should
    instruct and train fire fighters on initiating
    emergency traffic (Mayday-Mayday) and on the
    importance of activating their personal alert
    safety system (PASS) device when they become
    lost, disoriented, or trapped.

    Discussion: As soon as a fire fighter becomes lost or
    disoriented, trapped or unsuccessful at finding his/
    her way out of a hazardous situation (e.g., interior of
    structure fire), he/she must recognize that fact and
    initiate emergency traffic. He/she should manually
    activate his/her personal alert safety system (PASS)
    device and announce “Mayday-Mayday” over the
    radio. A “Mayday-Mayday” call will receive the
    highest communications priority from Dispatch,
    Incident Command, and all other units. The sooner
    Incident Command is notified and a RIC is activated,
    the greater the chance of the fire fighter being rescued.
    Fire fighters should initiate emergency traffic while
    they are still capable and not wait until they are too
    weak or low on air to call for help.
    Its kinda hard to argue that "MAYDAY" isn't a national standard when the agency tasked with investigating LODD tells you to use it.

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    If mayday goes out, Dispatch puts out the mayday tones that are very recognizable by all. Horns blow on all the rigs, everyone drops whatever and concentrates on the entrapped FF.

    As far as getting attacked, this doesn't happen because if the call is for something that could get us in the way of violence, like a attempted Suicide or assault injuries, we stage for police to make the scene safe. If there were a situation where we would be getting attacked, we back off, radio dispatch to get PD out there ASAP. There is some 10 code for that I'm sure, but we are moving away from those here, only 10 codes used now are 10-8 (back in service) 10-23 (on scene) sometimes 10-7 (out of service) and 10-50 (Personal Inujury or Property Damage)

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    Originally posted by OCFD1211
    everyone drops whatever and concentrates on the entrapped FF.
    OCFD, if I could humbly offer some advice: Check out some Rapid Intervention articles in Firehouse and Fire Engineering and www.rapidintervention.com to see why this is not the best way to handle a down firefighter.

    Whatever problems may have caused the entrapment are only going to get worse if everybody is concentrating on the down ff and not the fire.

    You really need additional personnel on the fireground as a RIT for these situations. If that means automatic aid or whatever it takes, you need a trained company ready to go but one that does not take away your staffing for normal fireground functions.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Stay safe brother.

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