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    Default PASS and SCBA dilema?

    Another department just came to me this morning with their wish list, nothing like working with a deadline!

    Anyway, I just have a item to run by you folks.

    The departments needs (badly) turnouts, SCBAs, and they wanted PASS devices for each member.

    What has me wondering is the SCBA and PASS devices.

    All NFPA comliant SCBAs have the PASS devices integrated, so how does the affect asking for say Super PASS IIs for individual issue.

    There would not be enough compliant SCBAs for every active firefighter, even if the grant is awarded.

    So, would it work to ask for PASS devices and compliant SCBAs in the same grant?

    Afterall, a firefighter may not be using and SCBA, IE working outside the structure, but still may get into trouble and need a PASS device.
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    It is required that the SCBAs have the integrated PASS. If they want a separate PASS for each member then I dont think it is that big of a deal.

    Just explain in the narrative that each SCBA will have the PASS in addition to each member having their own PASS.

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    I'd go with the mfg's integrated PASS on the SCBA and add the Grace TPASS for the individual as an accountability system, which it does nicely.

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    Default Only requirment is that the PASS devices are automatically turned on

    Our grant this year is for Scott AP 50's which meet the 2002 edition of NFPA 1981 and Grace T-PASS system.

    NFPA 1981, 1998 edition only stated that the PASS device had to automatically be turned on, it can either be integrated into the SCBA or be standalone. With the Grace system, your PASS device is always on, so it meets the standard.

    3 of our neighboring departments recveived grants for the exact same thing last year, so we will keep our fingers crossed!

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    Why would they want PASS that is not part of their SCBA's? I got asked that same question. My answer is simple (and this should be part of your narrative justifying them) we don't always wear SCBA when fighting fires. We have a small island bird sanctuary. Once a year, kids set part of it on fire and we go out and handle it. At times, the weeds/brush grow to over 6' tall. This leaves us with no visibility amongst members. We don't require them to be in SCBA (don't know many people that fight brush fires with SCBA) but we do require they all have PASS in case they go down or whatever. If they can justify it with good reasoning, then it should not be any problem.
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    WE've got stand alone PASS now and if we get new SCBA with PASS, we'll still keep the other ones for just that reason. I've almost gotten lost in the woods a couple of times and it makes sense to have something to call for help with. But I wouldn't be without the integrated ones, either. At least we know those will be turned on.
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