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    Default Idiot starts fire in Colorado


    I was about to fall over when I watched this guy on the news. He had weeds and shrubs in his yard, so he thought he would "tidy up" and burn them. "I had no idea I needed a burn permit." March is by far the wettest month in Colorado and we have had maybe a 1/2" of snow as opposed to the normal 12" of snow. It has been above 65 degrees, sunny, and windy every day for two weeks. The wind picked up and blew this guy's fire more than 100' into the prairie and it's all over from there. He said he thought he was safe because he had a garden hose.

    The wind picked up tonight and the smoke is getting so thick that you can see it at night and it is about 20 miles from where I live.

    Sorry, had to vent.


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    Default Some People Just Don't Get It


    I'm glad to see that we don't have the market cornered on foolish people.

    The president of our town council threw water on a grease fire last fall. No major damage just lots of smoke. It happened on a Friday and we reminded him if he was going to do dumb stuff Monday night is drill night.

    Stay Healthy & Stay Safe,


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