Today Eric told me he recently had the question on cultural diversity for the Stockton and Glendale tests. He said, After just completing a coaching session that covered this question, I have a better understanding about diversity and how my life experience of being in Indonesia can fold into my answer. I now understand why too many candidates get caught flat-footed on this question like I did. Eric

Cultural Diversity

We often hear I'm stumped on cultural diversity questions.

For most candidates, the oral board is the most difficult part of the hiring process. Cultural diversity questions can be the toughest. Most candidates have trouble in this area. Even for those with diverse backgrounds. It's not as easy for most people to just use common sense. Yes, we try to get the wheels turning in the candidates mind.

Many don't realize they have already experienced cultural diversity going to school, in the military traveling, and at work. Once they can identify situations that demonstrate that understanding, and put it in a story form as part of their answer to this question in an oral board, is where it starts making a difference.

Since everyone has a different life experience and you don't want to sound like the other candidate "Clones", it's tough to give a generized answer here. This is an area where you have to prepare a personalized answer.

We use a simple three-step method:
· Giving a definition of what cultural diversity is to you
· How we have to be as firefighters in a diverse area
· How it will be to live in a diverse firehouse.

Then lacing these areas with personalized stories how you have already lived in diverse situations.

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