These fires occurred in Reading during March:
----030604: At 0152 hours box 87, Ritter & W.Oley streets, AOF rear of 615 Weiser street. Fire in a 1 story garage. Under control time was 0204 hours. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L1,T1,R1,M-3,C-3 & 6,E1(safety Co.)
----030904: At 1254 hours box 812, McKnight & W.Douglass streets, AOF 816 N.Front street. 3 story vacant duplex multiple dwelling, fire on the top floor. Under control time was 1306 hours. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L1,R1,M-1,C-1,2 & 8,E1(safety Co.)
----032104: At 0250 hours box 352, 6th & Buttonwood streets, AOF 537-39 Buttonwood street. 3 story MOR partially occupied multiple dwelling, heavy fire showing 2nd floor with reports of possible entrapment. 2nd alarm struck at 0302, with fire brought under control at 0331 hours. All searches were negative and an illegal drug lab was discovered in a vacant 3rd floor apartment. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E3,1,11,T1,L1,R1,M-1,C-4 & 9,E5(safety Co.) 2nd alarm: E9,13,L3,C-1,2 & 8
----032204: At 1956 hours box 72, Front & Washington streets, AOF 157 N.Front street. 3 story stand-alone vacant multiple dwelling, heavy fire 1st floor. Under control time was 2028 hours. Companies assigned: E3,1,5,L1,T1,R1,M-2,C-7 & 8,E11(safety Co.).
----033104: At 1409 hours box 621, 9th & Oley streets, AOF 640 Moss street. 2&1/2 story vacant MOR dwelling, heavy fire in the rear with extension to exposures 2 & 4 (similar type attached but occupied). 2nd alarm struck at 1422 with the fire brought under control at 1508 hours. Companies assigned: 1st alarm: E9,1,11,T1,L1,R1,M-2,C-2 & 8,e13(safety Co.) 2nd alarm: E3,5,L3,C-1,9 & 600.

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