With drought and record temps for March in southwest Montana, you would think homeowners would be careful about prepping to burn off their slash and grass.

And you would be wrong.

We had an idiot who started to burn off 10 acres of his pasture on Tuesday, a day when it hit 78 F and 11% humidity. His idea of controlling the fire was himself, no equipment, and his water source was a 3.5 gallon backpack fertilizer sprayer.

When he burned 6 acres of his neighbors grass, and damn near their house as well, the fool told me he could control it as long as it didn't get into the tall grass. Didn't have much of an answer when I pointed out that if he really did have it controlled, it wouldn't have gotten into the tall grass...............

The kicker is that this isn't necessarily the dumbest thing this guy has done. Five years ago he burned down his (full) hay barn by welding in it.

This guy's 15 minutes of fame will be as a finalist in the Darwin Awards show.