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    Question Christmas Tree Plans

    Looking for plans / drawings for a propane Christmas tree.

    Capt Maurie Worthen
    Hampstead NH Fire & Rescue

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    I thought you were getting ready for Christmas already.

    To be serious Ranger puts on a propane program they could probably help you or a propane Association.
    Les Hartford
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    I was thinkimg he wanted a Christmas Tree is practice for the drag strip.

    They just changed ours this year to a LED type tree. It is hard to get use too.

    Try contacting Maryland Fire Rescue Insitute ( MFRI ). I know they use them at their training centers.

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    Default question...

    Why do some FD's use a "propane christmas tree" to train for flammable gas operations?

    Most propane incidents involve tanks or piping... I have never seen a flammable gas "tree" in real world applications.
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    Most propane incidents involve tanks or piping... I have never seen a flammable gas "tree" in real world applications.
    My thoughts, exactly. I wonder about the practicality of a lot of gas training I see going on. I mean, do we really want to risk a bunch of lives to save propane or LPG? I've always been one to think more in the lines of setting up master streams for exposures and letting the thing burn out, or find a way to shut it off remotely. In a recent recruit class at Tennessee's academy, a new firefighter had his face burned around his eyes when something went wrong during a "Christmas Tree" exercise. Why the hell they weren't wearing SCBA is beyond me.

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    CaptainGonzo has a point. Back a few years ago I posted a topic like this and did some checking here in VA and NC for a tree to borrow for a class. They have fallen out of favor because as Gonzo said you never fight a tree fire. I think they are used now more as a confidence builder if they are used at all. I have not been through the new VA LP class but they use a 500 gallon tank and a BBQ grill I think as the props for the new class. We are going to have a class here in the county this year and I plan on taking it. It makes for a realistic fire drill.

    If you find plans for the tank trainer I would like to have a copy but they must be hard to come by. Probably nobody want to post because of liability. I'm sure somebody sells them but I bet they cost an arm and leg.
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