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    Default Hose lays from structure engines

    Aside from usual 200' booster lines and preconnects what methods do do you use to extend hose line(s) along the fire line? I've seen lots of adds for pack this and thing that but what really works?
    Thanks for input....

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    We used out quick deploy packs alot. They had 200' of 1.5", a gated Y and then 100' of 1" hose with a nose. They are loaded into the pack statring with the nozzle. So as you walk from the engine the hose feeds out of the pack and you end up with the nozzle. More packs can be connected directly to the Y every 200 ft. The packs are nice becasue they are a lot easier to carry than rolled hose and they take about 30 seconds to deploy 300ft of hose. I have had to carry 400ft of rolled hose over a mile into a fire before and it was no fun. I think the longest hose lay we ever deployed, had 7000ft of hose.
    A typical hose lay is 200ft of 1.5", gated Y with 100ft of 1", 200ft of 1.5", gated Y, 100" of 1in and so on.

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