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    Angry Joining

    I have a question. I am joining a fire dept and i was wondering if i should get my firefighter 1 and first responder before i join or do it when im in my proby time.

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    Personally I would get into the department and do it during your probationary period. I would do this for the following reasons:

    1) You can practice at the Fire House, along with getting help from your fellow Firefighters.
    2) When I took essentials, I found that when I got into convesrsations about what was going on in class, the Firefighter I was talking to would give pointers, and give stories which really puts into place the purpose of your training.
    3) You also need PPE for FF1, SCBA, things of that nature. Being a member of a Fire Department gives you easy access to such materials.

    Another thing is, what state are you from? I know here, at least in my county you cannot join any state instructed courses unless you are have a membership with a Fire Department.

    I had more but they went out of my head, I am sure someone else will pick them up for me.

    I hope this helps in your decision.

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    Default Joining

    I would find out if they are requirements to get on the department. If not then i would worry about it after you get on. The department will prolly pay for or some of the bill for it. I also agree with what MFDExplorer said. Personally I would not mess around or waiste your time with firstresponder I would just go for the EMT-B you will basically have to go through the same class for it.

    C Fisher
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    I would join now. There night not be a spot later. It will probably make the class easier.

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