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    Hey guys,

    Not new to the board, but the first post i have ever made on a board like this.

    Just got word back from the test i took with the DRCOG,( Got results back in early march) that 4 departments are going to interview me! These will be me first oral and physical tests I have ever taken. I just finished my Firefighter Academy with the WVCFD(cert FF1, FF2, hazmat op, and AW, also EMT-I) in December, so the information is still fresh in my mind(At 40 hours a week for a 8 straight mos, IT BETTER BE!).

    I guess what I am looking for is some good advice. Any suggestions on what material i should go over, any books? i have all my academy books, but they are mostly definitions and procedures. I have a few Barrons, but is that enough?

    I was thinking about contacting some of my friends that are on with departments, and asking them about there orals and physicals. I am sort of nervous, but in a good way, this is what we all are here on this board for, to achieve a career in the Fire service.

    Any info on any part of this would be a great help, and i thank you in advance.


    Future Firefighter!

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    Read up on CaptBob's informative postings here, and if you like what he has to say, pursue his help in coaching, written & audio tips too. You'll find a great many valuable tools to make YOUR story work for you when digesting Bob's information. In the dog-eat-dog world, you can't afford to lose points because your head was too far up your.... well.... to know what is happening. There is a science to the oral board process, and it's gonna take some work. One general tip I can give you is to REALLY think about YOUR story, because that is what will sell you to these departments. But, pursue the added help of valuable resources that CaptBob can offer. Take care, and best of luck.
    Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong
    Dennis Miller

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    Kevin is right about creating stories about your personal life experiences to be able to relate them to your oral board answers.

    Just like any other portion of the hiring process you have to be ready for an oral board before you walk in. Too many think they can wint it. What most candidates do if they don't place high enough on the oral is go back and try to pack on more credentials. “Oh, I have to finish my degree or get through that academy” They do little to nothing in gaining the skills for the oral board, which is usually 100% of the score. If you don't do anything to improve your oral board skills nothing is going to change, you will never, ever see that badge. The oral board is for all the marbles. This is where the rubber meets the road.

    Here is a recent situation:

    Firefighter Academy T-Shirt Theory

    As we went into a local restaurant for lunch, here was a guy in a firefighter academy T-shirt. I asked him if he was in the academy or just had the T-shirt. He said he just graduated from the academy. I went to hand him a business card and he said he already received one at a written test. He passed the written and physical and was scheduled for his oral in three weeks. His girl friend then said, “Do you get your hair cut by Ed? Yep.” Then I recognized she also worked in the shop where I get my hair cut. As they left, Beth behind the restaurant counter told me that was here daughter. Small world. I asked Beth to have her daughter call me for information on how to improve her boyfriend’s chances of getting hired. Many women want to know this because they want a ring and a date to get married and their guy has told them that can’t happen until they he gets a badge.

    A few days later, we were back for lunch at the restaurant. I asked Beth if she gave her daughter the message. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard this answer: Beth said, “It’s covered.” I said what does that mean? Beth said, “He’s all set. The academy has given him all he needs to pass the oral and get his badge.”

    I ran this story by Tony who I was helping on his first promotional test. He said that’s the same way he had felt when I was trying to get hired for entry level a few years ago.

    Tony said candidates coming out of the academies are pumped up like Marines with their bulletproof academy T-shirts. They have been given mock orals, use 3X5 flash cards with oral board questions and answers, run these by their friends and think they all they have to do is show up for the oral and the job is theirs. Usually they end up like clones of everyone else.

    The guy with the T-shirt ended up in band C. This department has never gone to Band C.

    Captain Bob


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