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    Post SOG / Checklist / Standards

    Can anyone out there help me with some information on the SOG's, and training that is conducted for their Jr. Firefighters? What age can you start them out at? What if any specialized training is conducted. Any policies you may have or training programs would be greatly appreciated...

    Email is stvfdcheif@kpunet.net


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    information on the SOG's, and training that is conducted for their Jr. Firefighters?
    We can do anything as long as it is appropriately instructed and supervised. And goes along with the rules the Boy Scouts of America have set up for Explorers.

    What age can you start them out at?
    For my department: 14 for the around the Fire House stuff. 16 for state insrtucted courses.

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    juniors can join at 16 and become probationary members when they start firefighter 1 training...as for training for the juniors...there is no formal training (ie certified academy type training)...but we have junior training days every sunday where we get together at the station and work on specific things...we try to focus on what is expected of juniors on the fire ground (or accident scene)...somethings include throwing ladders, stretching leader lines (3 inch line, gated wye, and two 1 3/4 inch lines), cribbing and stabilization, taking batteries, etc...we try not to focus too much on interior work (engine/truck company ops.) since this is stuff not used by juniors...we like to leave that up to the academy to teach them...the academy does offer a 40 hour junior ff program but it's almost useless since they have to retake everything once they go into ff1 after they turn 18...we have about 15 or 20 jrs at this time...

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    Post Jr. Fire Fighters

    In the State of West Virginia, a Jr. Fire fighter is ages 16 or 17. They are very limited at what they can do on scene but they can train intensivly. You need to check the child labor laws in your state.
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    Email me and I will send you copies of our By-Laws & SOGS.

    Kevin Sink
    Fair Grove Fire Dept.
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    I got on my dept at age 15....I only had 1 restriction on me and that was I couldn't enter a hot zone....Otherwise I responded on calls the same as any other person....Training Well i went to our weekley training night,took a few courses that were done locally...I'm now taking Level 1 but no longer a junior...So pretty much i responded and trained the same as any member in my dept..
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    We follow all the guidelines listed on the national explorer site. We also have more rules and guidelines specific to the department. Explorers can start at 14 and remain active until 21.

    What type of specialized training are you refering to?

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