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    Just looking to see what kind of proactive measures other departments are taking to fire safety in their communities. Currently my deparment is working on a weekly health/safety tip in the local rag, it seems to be getting a great response. Of course we do the regular fire prevention week, but that just doesn't get out often enough for our tastes. We offer free home safety inspections, as well as a mandatory inspection program for all comercial properties (this is based on safety not profits). We are hoping to have the child seat safety checks added in by the end of the summer, have to find some info on becoming qualified, if anybody has some drop me a line. On a negative side we have realy had to amp up the smoke detector program due to a fire loss in a neighboring community, although we already had a program in place the recent media blitz is more reactive. Anybody else have any programs in place or in the works. Got to love the fire service, in bussiness to put ourselves out of bussiness.

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    Seems to me like your department may already be pretty proactive. Some areas we also hit head on are 1) Juvenile Firesetters - we try to meet with older age childern and parents and advise them of the dangers and consequences 2) Fireworks - especially during 4th. of July, Christmas and New Years time 3) Seat Belt use - everywhere we get a chance - sure makes our job easier at auto accident scenes. We also offer our stations as a Child Safety Seat check point. Members of our staff are trained technicians through the Natiional Highway Transportation Safety Administration Standardized Child Passenger Safety Program. Check with your local Safe Kids group if you have one nearby or NHTSA or AAA for more info on certification program - it is alot to learn.Check out this web site or Safe Kids Site it may help. http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/CPS/Training/ContactList.cfm

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