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    Default Independent Fire Academy, worth it?


    I've been working in a warehouse since I graduated High School in 97, I'm 25 now and want a change. I've always been interestd in firefighting so that is what I've been looking into.

    I live in Dallas and I recently found a Fire Academy that trains people to be a firefighter. It's not associated with any department, it says they give you the necessary training to pass the Texas Commision on Fire Protection cetification.

    Has anyone gone this route and then been hired by a department? It's alot of money so I don't want to go through it and then not be able to get a job anywhere.

    If you have any more specific questions I can try to answer them, to help with any advice.


    CL Timmons

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    Default Experience

    One of the advantages of going through an academy is you gain hands on experience that can demonstrate to a department that you have the skill set to complete their academy. Many departments also like to see your EMT because that will shorten the lenght of the academy. Consider these:

    Will attending the academy allow you to gain skills?

    Can you put on your application and resume you have an academy?

    Can you say in your oral board you have completed an academy as part of your answer what have you done to prepare for the position?

    Is the $$$ you will spend to attend the academy an investment in a career?

    Remember though no matter what credentials you acquire if you can't present that package in the proper way in an oral board you will still never see a badge! Because:

    "Nothing counts til you have the badge . . . Nothing!

    Captain Bob


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